The international project on technologies in education EdCrunch has invited us, JerryGinger Production, to invent and implement next steps in social networks influence of the project and to attract new participants to the Conference and Workshops 2018.

We did our best to meet the client’s expectations. And the results have exceeded our plan.
We had a small budget for production and digital distribution of produced content and a strong willing to work as EdCrunch is an important educational and social project.



The largest Russian manufacturer of steel welded pipes and railways. It was founded in 1757. Over 12 thousand employees work at the plant. The steel smelting department (marten) was closed on March 23, 2018. Marten of the Vyksunskiy metallurgical plant was one of the last in Russia. We had video and photo shot of its work and workers.

In June 2018, a multi genre performance has been taken in the plant territory, dedicated to the closing of the steel smelting department (marten). More than 500 spectators have attended it. We have shot the performance for the history of the plant.



The winner and finalist of short film festivals in Australia, Canada, Russia and Europe.

Our short film is based on the story “Cold World” of the modern Russian writer Artyom Golikov, who acted as the co-writer of the script. The film grotesquely describes the world: the relationship is shown as a real men’s hunt for women. From persecution and pursuit (datings) to eating (an allegory for sex). Women in this world are divided into two categories: food and men’s life support.



The project “1418” was created in 2015 and dedicated to those people, who know about the war more than we do. Those people who talk about it even 70 years after without excess sentimentality and stir, but with pride for their country and strong belief in victory.

All these photos was shot by Alex Yocu. They are documentary and made as candidly as possible under natural conditions. This project was made with help and support of Foodbank Rus.



Full relaunch and creation of a new brand for the existing large company producing honey and honey products.

We developed: the brand name, the entire visual identity, the character of the brand, manually created illustrations for product labels, as well as various materials for the site and the online store.